What to expect
I start your treatment with a series of questions about your condition so that I can understand where your health and well-being lies. I will look at your reason for choosing acupuncture and discuss with you your health goals.

I then undertake a diagnostic procedure where I will ask to look at your tongue, feel your radial pulse on your wrists and palpate your abdomen and limbs. Palpation is the application of touch or pressure on areas your body to look for any signs or active reflexes such as pain, pressure, uncomfortable feelings, temperature, dryness and texture of the skin, which are all indications and clues as to why you are not well.

Individualised Treatments
Every person is unique and each person’s experience in life and how each person deals with the events of life can vary greatly. These personal aspects shape each individual alongside their lifestyle as well as genetic inheritance. All of these are taken into consideration including the diagnostic findings to create a highly individualised treatment with each assessment. I may also guide you towards proper nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes in your daily activities and other aspects of wellness that may assist with your body’s healing.
Instant Abdominal Feedback for Efficacy
Throughout the treatment I will use the abdominal palpatory method (a practice using the sensory skill of touch) and findings for instant feedback to determine the efficacy of the treatment and your body’s response to it. Every abdominal sign (active reflex) is an indication of which meridian system is out of balance. These findings will enable me to perform the appropriate treatment. Both you and I will be aware of the effectiveness of the treatment as it progresses. The abdominal findings Indicators (pain, pressure, etc) will improve and subside during the treatment.
After your Acupuncture Session
You may feel calm relaxed or even sleepy and in some rare occasions a little light headed. If possible it is best to refrain from any strenuous activity so as to let the treatment continue its workings.
Duration of treatment
For acute conditions, problems may resolve with one or two treatments, but for longer standing and more chronic conditions a course of treatments may be advised for the best possible outcome.
Acupuncture as a Preventative Medicine with Ongoing Treatments
Chinese Medicine in ancient times was used as a preventative medicine, whether the treatment consisted of acupuncture, herbs or just appropriate lifestyle guidance.

It put much effort into understanding the intricate workings of the causes of disease as to address and understand the very thing that initiated the illness in the first place. The benefit of this is to maintain a good level of health rather than to treat illness when it has already set in and progressed to a degenerative state that is much more difficult to treat, and that takes a long time to resolve. Or it may be that the illness has reached a stage where it’s irreversible.

An analogy how acupuncture is best made use of is like the servicing of your car. Like it is important to maintain your car regularly for the smooth running of your vehicle, so to it can be beneficial to receive regular treatments to maintain a level of well-being and health.

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Enso clinic is located at 176 Cotham Road, Kew, in Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs, where I practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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