Health not so good?

Japanese acupuncture may be just what you need

Welcome to Enso Acupuncture
located in Kew, in Melbourne’s inner east

I am an experienced, registered and qualified acupuncturist offering a high level of service. I practice a gentle form of Japanese Acupuncture that is based on ancient Chinese Medicine principles. I am passionate about my work and find great reward in helping people reach their optimal level of health. Whether you are suffering from a chronic acute or emotional condition acupuncture can help restore, nourish and circulate your body’s “Ki” or “Qi” (vital energy) and blood, supporting your body’s innate healing abilities and can be an effective and simple solution that can treat many modern-day ailments including:

Musculoskeletal conditions
Back pain and sciatica
Chronic or acute pain
Injury recovery
Stress and anxiety
Fertility issues
Women’s health
Support to cancer treatments
Skin conditions
Meet Penny
Qualified Acupuncturist

Bachelor of Health Science
Acupuncture BHSc (TCM-Acup)

“My specialty and interest lie in the treatment of muscular pain, such as lower back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder tension, frozen shoulder and headaches/migraines. I have also helped patients with stress/mild anxiety, fatigue, women’s health (gynecological conditions), hay fever, skin conditions and pregnancy support.”

My interest in Chinese Medicine began a few years back when I was experiencing some personal health ailments and a friend recommended acupuncture to me. Prior to my acupuncture treatments I had visited many doctors and received treatments that were not able to help me improve my condition significantly. I was amazed that acupuncture was able to help. I finally found relief from pain and began to have more energy. It also helped me feel generally more uplifted. From that experience I became inspired to return to school and decided to study acupuncture and since then I haven’t looked back. I love my work in helping people and I am pleased to see my patients leave the clinic happier, with their condition improved.

~ Penny B, Qualified Acupuncturist

How Acupuncture Works On the Body
Acupuncture can be used as a complimentary and supportive treatment to western medicine or as a stand-alone treatment. Acupuncture is based on an energetic model of medicine rather than a biomedical model. It dose not focus upon disease, rather it identifies and treats the cause of disease utilizing the key principles of Yin and Yang, it looks at the state of “Ki” or “Qi” within the body’s energy system of the meridians to identify patterns of disharmony, determining blockages and imbalance, with the aim to brings them back into a balanced state. As a consequence wellbeing is restored in the body mind and spirit improving health on an emotional and physical level and moving the body towards homeostasis, which is the correct regulation of the body’s biological functions.

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Enso clinic is located at 176 Cotham Road, Kew, in Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs, where I practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you would like to book an appointment or know if acupuncture can help you please fill out this form or call me on 0403 788 943.